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A structured settlement stems from a legal settlement and provides you with a source of income over a set timeframe. At We Pay More Funding, we believe that you deserve to gain access to your settlement on your schedule so that you can enjoy financial freedom without restrictions. Here, we discuss the options for cashing out a structured settlement so that you can make the right choice for yourself and your loved ones.

What is a Structured Settlement?

If you have successfully won a personal injury, medical malpractice or wrongful death case then you will likely receive a settlement compensating you for the damages that you sustained as ordered by the court. A structured settlement is a negotiated arrangement for you to receive the value of your settlement as periodic payments over a set schedule. While this works for some people, you may be interested in getting cash now from your long-term structured settlement based on changes in your current financial situation.

Your settlement is money that you are rightly entitled to. While agreeing to a structured settlement may have made sense at the time, your situation can change for many different reasons. No matter what you need the money for, at We Pay More Funding, we believe that you deserve to access the value of your structured settlement at any time.

Can a Structured Settlement Serve as Proof of Income?

A structured settlement is a great way to prove your income to lenders. If you are looking for a mortgage and want to qualify for lower rates or a higher loan amount, then you can use your settlement as proof of income. The benefit of a structured settlement is that it is not considered a source of income for tax purposes despite the fact that it may earn interest over time. Can you get money from a settlement early? Absolutely! If you are interested in selling some or all of your future settlements you can access your money early pending court approval. At We Pay More Funding, we help people all around the country access the value of their settlements early, but it is crucial that you decide whether this option is right for you.

Can You Cash Out a Structured Settlement?

Winning a lawsuit is the first challenge you face. If something has happened in your life where access to a large amount of money would benefit you, then choosing to sell your structured settlement may be the right choice. At this point, the money is rightly yours, as it compensates you for the injury that you sustained, and there are processes in place that allow you to access the cash value as a lump sum payment rather than periodic payments. The process of selling your structured settlement can be complex, but at We Pay More Funding, we ensure that the process is as simple for you as possible. Once we confirm your structured settlement annuity, we make an offer that represents a high value of your remaining payments. Upon successful completion of the approval process, we either wire you the money or send you a check. It is that easy!

What is a Settlement Cash Advance?

Selling a structured settlement can be complicated because the sale needs to be approved by the courts. A judge must decide whether the sale of the structured settlement is in your best interests and that you are not selling it under duress. A settlement cash advance can assist you while waiting for court approval by advancing you a percentage of your lump sum. This means that you can access a portion of the value of your structured settlement quickly so that you can use the money for urgent needs or as you see fit. Typically, cash advances are nonrecourse loans that do not have to be paid if the courts do not approve the sale of the settlement, but this can be different depending on the company you choose to sell your settlement to.

I Have a Structured Settlement but I Need Cash Now, Can I Borrow Against my Structured Settlement?

If you have a structured settlement, then you are in a prime financial situation. Your structured settlement guarantees you regular income, but there are situations that occur in life that would benefit from a lump sum payment. At We Pay More Funding, we offer cash for future structured settlement payments that can provide you with the financial assistance that you need in order to reduce medical debt, pay tuition, buy a new car, allow you to take a much-needed vacation, or more. You can receive a high price for your structured settlement in a short amount of time that you can use for whatever you want to use it for.

How Much Money Can You Get if You Cash Out Now?

Cashing out your settlement annuity can be a complicated task, as there are many businesses around the country that will offer you a cash amount. However, the value of your settlement and the amount that you can sell it for are different, and you must do your due diligence to find a company that will offer you the highest price for your settlement so that you are not short changed. At We Pay More Funding, we offer some of the highest paying options for cashing out a structured settlement, allowing you to obtain the cash that you need now.

Learn More About Your Options for Cashing Out a Structured Settlement

As you can see, there are many complexities in accessing the value of your structured settlement. However, this is money that belongs to you, and options for cashing out a structured settlement can help you improve your financial situation. Getting cash now from your long-term structured settlement by selling the future payments can be made easier with the right buyer on your side.

At We Pay More Funding, we offer the highest value for structured settlement payments or annuities from all around the country. We help our clients determine whether cashing out your settlement annuity is the right option for your circumstances. If you are wondering how much money you can get if you cash out contact our team by calling us at (877) 431-0704.