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Structured Settlement Buyers

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Winning a lawsuit may seem like a solution to problems including medical bills, lost wages, and other types of damages. However, based on the settlement terms, people may only receive a small structured settlement payment on a periodic basis, which pays out over a long period of time or for life.

Other types of annuity examples include lottery winnings. While relatively uncommon, lottery winners can opt to sell their winning payments for a lump sum of cash.

This can create a very real problem after winning a lawsuit. Small amounts of money that arrive periodically may not cover medical bills, living expenses, all the costs of rehabilitation and lost wages. These types of structured settlement payments can impact your ability to get back on track.

At We Pay More Funding, our team is able to purchase a portion of your structured settlement payments or make an offer for the full settlement with a lump sum of cash. This provides you with the money you need to pay off bills, mortgages, eliminate credit card debt, or even return to school or fund a business venture.

What is a structured settlement, and how does it work?

Larger settlements, either settled between the parties or awarded through the courts against a company or individual are often paid out as an annuity or structured settlement. In other words, the settlement is paid out in smaller payments rather than in one lump sum.

Many people ask, “can a structured settlement be changed so they can receive their cash faster?” The answer is you can sell your future payments, but only through the approval of the court. Individuals cannot sell a structured settlement unless a judge reviews the terms and approves the transaction.

As one of the best structured settlement companies, We Pay More Funding works with individuals throughout the process. We collect information on the settlement and speak with you to understand your needs. This may include purchasing some of the settlement payments or purchasing all the settlement payments.

Once we have an agreement with our customers, we draw up a contract. This contract is then sent for your review and signature. The signed contract is then filed with the court. Only a judge can approve a structured settlement sale. This is designed to provide protection for individuals and ensure the transaction is the customer’s best interest.

What Are Payout Options for Structured Settlements?

Typically, the court approval takes less than sixty days. We Pay More Funding will transfer the lump sum to your account within a few business days after court approval.

The next question is often, “what percentage do structured settlement companies take?” The answer depends on several factors, some of which are the amount of funds needed, when the future payments are due, the insurance company rating, and any additional fees the structured settlement company anticipates throughout the court process.

As with any type of financial transaction, there are structured settlement pros and cons. Talking with We Pay More Funding helps you to understand the benefits and possible considerations of this selection. We also recommend that you speak with your financial planner and / or an attorney before making any final decision.

When you need assistance with your structured settlement, we are here to provide you with information, support, and exceptional customer service.

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