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Are you asking yourself, “should I sell my structured settlement?” because you aren’t sure if it’s the right decision for your present or future?

It’s an important question to ask.

You’re mulling over substantial amounts of money, and you’re giving up a chunk of your grand total in the long run for an immediate lump sum. At first glance, that seems like short-term thinking, but that’s not necessarily the case. After all, first glances never tell the whole story.

Furthermore, you’ll need an immediate lump sum of money in many urgent circumstances.

Sure, you could be owed $1,000,000 in 10 separate $100,000 yearly installments. However, that won’t do you any good if–for example–you have $100,000 in medical bills to pay presently on top of your mortgage and skyrocketing inflation.

While there are plenty of short-term benefits to selling structured settlements, the logic behind this decision also has big-picture roots.

Far too many situations exist where not having the money you’re owed now can cost you dearly in the long run. More to the point, having a larger lump sum from structured settlements opens people up to opportunities to generate returns that would be unavailable had they waited.


What Are Structured Settlements?

Before discussing the notion and benefits of a structured settlement buyout, it’s important to explain what structured settlements are.

Otherwise referred to as annuities, structured settlements occur when a plaintiff settles or wins a lawsuit typically involving medical malpractice, wrongful death, or personal injury.

Plaintiffs don’t receive the entirety of their owed amount in a lump sum with structured settlements. Instead, the recipient of the funds gets them in periodic installments.

While there is added financial security from structured settlements, the limitations of these arrangements prevent plaintiffs from enjoying the full benefits of their financial reward.


What Does It Mean To Sell My Structured Settlement?

In a nutshell, selling structured settlements gets plaintiffs more immediate cash by selling a chunk of their future payments. An annuity purchasing company like We Pay More Funding buys your payments, so you don’t have to deal with a drawn-out process. Our goal is to help you move on with your life in optimal financial comfort.

A lot of the time, structured settlements or annuities aren’t in the recipient’s favor. They can last years as you struggle financially, are subject to federal and state scrutiny, and can’t help you solve immediate financial needs.

Working with a company like We Pay More Funding reduces those above headaches while minimizing your long-term losses.


What Should I Consider When I Sell My Structured Settlement?

Before reaching any financial decision with such a monumental impact on your future, you need to do your research and perform your due diligence.

You’ll find out quickly that We Pay More Funding is the top structured settlement buyout company for multiple reasons, such as:

  • We operate at a lower cost and have access to vast capital, offering you more money than our competitors could for your structured settlement buyout.
  • Your needs are the number-one priority of our top-tier associates. Our passionate, conscientious team ensures you’ll receive the best available solution based on your financial needs, working tirelessly on your behalf.
  • We’ll establish long-term relationships with you because you’re more than a number to us. Our primary goal is to give you the best possible financial results by monitoring pricing options and market fluctuations. Working with us ensures customers sell their structured settlements at the optimal point, generating the highest possible return.

Undoubtedly, our reputation does speak for itself at We Pay More, and you can trust us to be 100% on your side and work in your best interests.

Still, we sometime suggest hiring a financial advisor or attorney to review. They’ll provide an objective lens in discerning who offers the most reputable and seller-friendly structure settlement buyout.


An Important Disclaimer About Selling Structured Settlements

Legalities are a crucial reason you want to work with a reputable annuity buyer upon deciding, “I’m going to sell my structured settlement.”

It is 100% legal to sell your future payments. However, the process must be above-board and approved by the court. A judge needs to review terms and provide a transaction approval before your structured settlement buyout can be completed.

Here’s where we shine at We Pay More Funding. When we buy structured settlements, we don’t leave your side during the process, taking great pains to procure all the relevant settlement information. We will also speak with you in detail to grasp your specific needs.

To the above point, we’re not an all-or-nothing structured settlement buyout company at We Pay More Funding. We’ll purchase some of your future payments if that best suits your current circumstances.

We Pay More Funding then draws up the contract before sending it to you for review and signature. We file the document with the court, ensuring you’re protected and that the transaction is in your best interest.

These are the essential factors you need to know if you’re going to reap the most benefits from selling your structured settlements. It’s then worth asking: what are the advantages for the sellers during a structured settlement buyout? Read below to find out:

Your Structured Settlement Buyout Can Help You Buy A Home

The average price to buy a home in the US is $374,900, and according to projections, those costs will keep rising yearly.

First-time homeowners need all the help they can get in this increasingly expensive market. Striking now instead of waiting until your annuity is paid in full could save you money and increase your return in the long run.

As soon as you buy your home, you start building equity, and it’ll be far easier for you to move into your next home.

Even the average 6% down payment for first-time homebuyers amounts to a substantial sum of cash. For the average home, that’s $23,000. With today’s skyrocketing cost of living due to inflation, there’s no guarantee of having that sum of cash around.

Provided you did have that 6% saved up, you might want to fork out a higher percentage.

The more you can put down for your down payment, the less you’ll need to pay long-term for your mortgage. A structured settlement buyout can help you own 100% of your home quicker, saving you on interest and increasing your return when you sell.

We’ve seen this option prove vital for plaintiffs who received structured settlements after childhood accidents. Initially, annuity payments are often structured to pay small monthly amounts, accounting for living expenses.

 Unfortunately, those monthly payments are not always enough to save the substantial amount required to make a down payment. In these situations, the structured settlement buyout gets you the cash now to better solidify your financial future as a homeowner.


Selling Your Structured Settlements Can Give You The Capital To Buy A Business

It can cost up to $40,000 to start your own business. There’s no guarantee you can conjure up that cash, even if you’re receiving money from structured settlements. Smaller installment income can evaporate quickly, given how hard it can be to stay financially afloat these days.

Accumulating enough capital to help your business hit the ground running is a tall task. Commercial properties are often vastly more expensive than homes. On top of leasing or purchasing a company headquarters, you also need capital for:

  • Equipment
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Staff
  • General overhead

Beyond that, first-time business owners notoriously struggle to attract investors due to their lack of experience.

A full or partial structured settlement buyout could immediately give you the capital you need to purchase a business now. From there, your earning potential could far eclipse what your annuity could have ever offered you.


A Structured Settle Buyout Can Put You In The Front Seat Of Your New Car

Whether your first or seventh car, you don’t want to saddle yourself with the cheapest hunk of metal available.

No–we’re not implying you should receive a 100% structured settlement buyout to pay for an over-the-top luxury vehicle.

We are saying that getting extra money in your pocket can be the difference between a safe, reliable everyday ride and barreling around in a bucket of bolts. In fact, a lemon of a car can cost more money to keep running than it would be to buy a better quality vehicle in the first place.

An instance where a partial or full structured settlement buyout proves invaluable is after an unforeseen vehicle breakdown. These snafus often occur when you aren’t saving up cash to buy a new car and need the extra funds right away.


Selling Structured Settlements Means You Aren’t Relying On Insurance Companies

We can’t speak for the reliability of insurance companies.  Still, we can say that such companies are subject to human error just like any other organization. They can make clerical errors that lead to delayed payments or missed payments.

Then there’s the headache of dealing with customer service and jumping through hoops to get what’s owed to you.

Additionally, how are you supposed to get your money if the insurance company goes under? How can you rest assured they’ll be around for the long haul?


A Structured Settlement Buyout Can Get You Out Of Soul-Crushing Debt

The longer you’re in debt, the more interest you pay, and the more chances you have at missing payments if you experience any financial hardships.

Furthermore, dealing with tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt will drastically hamper your mental health, causing anxiety and depression. The potential damage to your happiness, contentment, and overall quality of life is enough to look for an immediate solution, such as a structured settlement buyout.

When you take the plunge and type in “sell my structured settlement” on Google, you’ll likely be able to pay off the bulk of your crushing debt. The benefits to your mental state and the overall sense of freedom you’ll feel will be the best long-term investment you can make.

Here are some common debts that selling structured settlements can help receivers of annuity payments overcome:

Medical Bills:


Credit Card Debt:


Student Loan Debt:

  • The average US college student loan debt is $32,731, and there are 43.4 million borrowers nationwide.
  • Loan payments can be a huge obstacle in getting your life started after completing your post-secondary education.
  • In our experience, children who’ve received structured settlements often don’t have enough money to keep up with continually rising tuition fees by the time they attend college. These students can embark on a structured settlement buyout and avoid a lot of potential debt.
  • It might make sense to sell part of structured settlements after being injured in a workplace accident that prevents you from performing in your old role. Doing so can finance your learning of a new trade at college.


Cover The Cost Of Divorce By Selling Structured Settlements

The emotional distress caused by a divorce is costly enough without considering the financial ramifications. When children are involved, it’s that much worse.

By typing “sell my structured settlement” into the search field, you’re taking the first step toward offsetting some of the divorce-related burdens discussed above. It’s one less thing to worry about and can give you the financial lift to afford legal fees, therapy, and child counseling without additional struggles.

Often, those who’ve been rewarded structured settlements have to partially or fully sell their payments because they’re classified as shared assets.

Alternatively, a structured settlement buyout can mitigate the chances of bankruptcy or going broke during your divorce, providing a much-needed beacon of light during a tough time.

We’d love a chance to speak in greater detail about your circumstances and what you’re seeking from your structured settlement buyout. Contact We Pay More Funding today, and let’s work toward our shared goal.