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Annuity Buyout

Annuity Buyout

If you need to acquire some extra cash fast, but a standard loan isn't an option for you, an annuity buyout from We Pay More Funding might be what you're looking for. Have you considered an annuity buyout already? If so, don't make a decision until you talk to us. We Pay More Funding stands by the promise in our company's name - we pay more! We guarantee that we will beat any proposal you receive for your annuity.

Simply show us your best proposal, and We Pay More Funding will give you more! What's the catch? There are none. We Pay More Funding is a simple and straight-forward annuity purchasing firm, and we like to purchase annuities without ripping off our clients.

When Should I Sell My Annuity?

Do you have high-interest credit cards that you need to pay off? Do you need funds to put your child through college? Are you thinking of starting your own business? In all of these cases, and in many others, selling an annuity might be a viable option to get the cash you need. Ultimately, the reasons and the decision you make for selling your annuity are highly personal and should be weighed out at length.

Who is a Good Candidate to Sell an Annuity?

If you have tried at your local bank but have been turned down for credit, but you've resisted the urge to use title loan companies or high-interest credit card cash advances to meet your funding needs, an annuity buyout might be the right solution for you.

Tens of thousands of people, just like yourself, are currently receiving structured settlement payments from a lawsuit, an injury, or even a wrongful death claim and are unaware as to how valuable this monthly income is. The frustrating part about annuities is that, while they provide immense security, they don't put the recipients in control of his or her money.

What's Wrong with an Annuity?

For individuals who prefer to have all of their cash now, they can leverage their future structured payment settlements. And why not! It's your money, right? Annuity payments often limit the individuals who receive them and stop them from making the best decisions for themselves and their families. We Pay More Funding believes that people have the right to decide when, where, and how to spend their money.

Do I Qualify for an Annuity Buyout?

If you are currently receiving structured settlement payments, then you can rest assured that We Pay More Finding will make an offer. Of course, there's no way to know exactly what your offer will be until we look at your annuity. There are a number of factors that will determine the buyout price of your annuity, including the total value of the annuity and over how long of a period the payments will payout.

If you'd like to learn more about We Pay More Funding, or if you'd like to get a quote for an annuity buyout, don't hesitate to start the conversation online or over the phone - whichever works best for you.


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