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Annuity Buyout Companies

Annuity Buyout Companies

Are Annuity Buyout Companies Reputable?

Many annuity buyout agencies have their own agenda for buying your annuity payments; however, there are still a few reputable companies that are interested in helping their clients get the most out of the sale of their annuity. WePayMore Funding is considered one of the best annuity buyout companies to work with when you're looking for the highest return on your investment. We say we pay more because, in the end, you'll walk away with more cash in your pocket when you trust us with the sale of your annuity.

Can An Annuity be Sold Legally?

In most states, annuity owners can legally sell their annuity to an interested person or entity. If your financial needs or goals have changed since you purchased your annuity, you can sell off part or all of the payments for a lump sum of cash that can be used for any reason whatsoever. There are no limitations to what the seller can do with the money procured through the sale of their annuity, nor are there any hard and fast rules about the amount a seller must pay. For this reason, it's important to look for a buyer with a reputation for honesty and transparent business practices.

Is it Better to Keep the Annuity or Sell For a Lump Sum?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Selling for a lump sum may require that you compromise some of the overall value of your investment; however, it will give you instant cash that you can use to pay down high-interest debt, which could prove to be a benefit. Speaking with our knowledgeable staff from WePayMore Funding could offer insight into the best course of action regarding your annuity. We'll give you our honest assessment of the situation along with professional advice on how to proceed.

How Can You Choose From Annuity Buyout Companies?

It's not always apparent at first whether an annuity buyout agency is a good match for your payout. For this reason, it's very important to spend some time researching annuity buyers in your area and comparing reviews and testimonials. At WePayMore Funding, we invite you to type our name into any online directory to see what our clients say about us after-the-fact. If you're interested in the highest payout, we are the best company to consider. We will typically offer 20% more than another company for your annuity.

How Can I Get Money Out of My Annuity?

Selling is an option, but before you decide to sell, there are many different things to consider. It's best to talk over your goals with a knowledgeable agent from WePayMore Funding before you make the final decision. We won't advise you to sell to us unless we feel it's in your best interest to do so- and if you need the money now, we can get the cash to you quickly. Before you make a mistake you could regret, call a WePayMore Funding agent to discuss the sale of your annuity.


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