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Annuity Payment Calculator

Annuity Payment Calculator

How Does Selling an Annuity Work?

Selling off an annuity is a straightforward process that only requires finding a buyer to complete the transaction. Be cautious in your search for the right buyout company- there are many less-than-reputable buyers who only have their bottom line as their focus of the sale. Use the annuity payment calculator on the WePayMore Funding website to determine how much your annuity is worth or reach out to one of our agents for information while you consider selling your annuity payments. We are looking for a win-win transaction that meets the needs of both parties and leaves you with more money in your pocket.

Is it Better to Sell My Annuity or Keep Taking Payments?

To sell or not to sell- one of the most important questions you'll have to answer before accepting a proposal from an annuity buyer. There are many sides to consider before agreeing to sell- top on the list is which company will give you the most cash from your annuity. At WePayMore Funding, our name indicates our willingness to pay the highest amount for your annuity payments; it's not just a catchy name- we guarantee the highest cash payment of any competing offer you've received from another buyer. We promise to pay more because we believe you deserve to walk away with more money in your hand.

Can I Use an Annuity Payment Calculator?

We highly recommend using one as you move ahead with your plans to sell off your annuity. While you won't see the total value of your annuity when you opt for an early sale, you'll see from using a calculator that offers from competing companies can be all over the board. It's not easy deciding who to trust with the sale. Our buyout specialists from WePayMore Funding would like to meet with you and offer our expertise before you agree to accept another offer. Working with us, you'll receive the guaranteed highest payout for your annuity- it's written in our Best Price Guarantee.

Should I Sell My Annuity?

The decision of whether to sell or not is one that you'll have to consider carefully while assessing your personal finances. If you face high-interest debt that is restricting your household's cash flow, cashing out an annuity could prove to be beneficial in the long run. Our agents at WePayMore Funding help clients to look at all angles while deciding if selling is the right choice. We won't tell you to sell unless we think it's your best course of action for restoring your financial situation or for funding something that is important to you.

Can I Avoid the IRS' 10% penalty When Selling an Annuity?

There are several things you can do to avoid the penalty- waiting until you're 59 1/2 years old is the best course of action. Our consultants at WePayMore Funding can help you look at all of your legal options and consult our annuity payment calculator while you give thought to whether you should sell or not. Give us a call to take the most cash benefit our of your annuity sale.


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