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Annuity Payments

Annuity Payments

When you are smart about it, investing in an annuity can bring you income over your lifetime. However, there is a lot that you need to know about annuities and how they work if you want to be successful in such an investment. The retirement real is loaded with options when it comes to your safety and security from a financial standpoint, so you need to know that annuity payments could give you the guarantees that you are looking for. 

What Is An Annuity 

You can think of an annuity as a contract between your insurance company and you to help you cover some of the goals that you may have. This will including things like lifetime income, long-term care costs, legacy planning, and even principal protection. While annuities are marketed as investments, they are essentially contracts that lock you into certain contractual obligations. Because of this, you need to be careful when it comes to getting the payments that you want so you can make sure not of these contractual obligations are broken.

How They Work 

Annuities work by transferring the risks from the owner to the insurance company. As with the other forms of insurance, you are paying premiums to bear the risk. The premiums may be a lump sum, or they can come in the form of a series of payments. This will all depend on the type of the annuity and the paying period for the premium is often referred to as the accumulation phase. Eventually, you will stop paying on your annuity, and it will start to pay you. This is when your contract goes into the payout phase.

Receiving Your Payments

You do have the ability to sell your annuity so that you can receive annuity payments when you need them most. However, it is always best that you get plenty of professional guidance before cashing out. Working with the right company will help you to get the sound advice that you need to make the best decision while staying in line with the guidelines for your annuity. 

Selling Your Annuity

When you work with us at We Pay More Funding, you will have the ability to enjoy a process that is completely hassle-free and rewarding. We understand all of the legal requirements, and we can get you the cash that you need in a timely fashion. Once you contact us for assistance with your annuity payments, we can have you fill out the proper paperwork so that we can work on getting you the best price for your annuity. You can rest assured in knowing that we only work with the best and most reputable companies for funding that are out there today.

Basically speaking, We Pay More Funding makes it easier than ever for you to sell your annuity. You will get the lump sum cash deal that you need rather than having to wait for your annuity payments. Whether you have financial troubles or you need cash for one reason or another, we take great pride in offering our clients the best options to get the funds that they require.


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