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Borrow Against Structured Settlement

Borrow Against Structured Settlement

Is It Possible to Borrow Against a Structured Settlement?

It's not a complicated process to take a loan against a pending structured settlement- they key to taking the most value with the least dent in your settlement is to work with an agency that is committed to creating a win-win bargain, where both you and the agency will benefit from the transaction. WePayMore Funding is one such agency; we welcome your phone call to discuss the details of selling a portion of your settlement.

How Can I Borrow Against My Structured Settlement?

It's a simple three-step process to find the right company for the transaction:

  1. Contact a handful of reputable companies to request free quotes.
  2. Compare offers to determine the best overall value. Take advantage of consultation offers to better understand what you're getting involved in.
  3. Take the best offer received.

Does It Matter If I Haven't Yet Received My Settlement?

Many loan agencies will work with your lawyer to determine the certainty of a pending settlement and make their offer based on the information provided by the attorney. It's easier to take a loan on a settlement if the details have already been finalized; however, it's not impossible to borrow against a settlement that has not yet been structured. The best course of action is to call one of our agents from WePayMore Funding to find out if and how much we can loan against your settlement.

When Should I Borrow Against a Structured Settlement?

If you need to improve your cash flow situation, you might consider borrowing against a portion of, or all of, your settlement. Deciding to sell should be based on more than just wanting immediate access to cash since an early sale will affect the value of your settlement. If you're paying on high-interest debt, need money for immediate living expenses, or want to fund a significant life event, it's worth considering a closer look into how your settlement could help you through a difficult financial time in life.

What if I Chose a Structured Settlement But Have Buyer's Remorse?

It's not too late to change your mind and take the lump sum of money; however, the transaction will have to go through a settlement buyout company, significantly affecting your overall settlement. The best thing you could do at this point is to find a buyout agency that will give you the most money for your settlement to make up for the loss in value. Reach out to WePayMore Funding for up to 20% more for your settlement compared with other agencies. We pay more because we feel it's in our best interest as well as yours to do so.

How Soon Will I Have My Money?

Our aim at WePayMore Funding is to get your money to you as quickly as possible; for most of our clients, that means from 45-90 days, however, if you're facing serious financial crisis, we may be able to deposit yur money within 2-5 days. Let us know more about your situation when you call us for a free quote.


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Borrow Against Structured Settlement
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