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Can I Sell My Settlement Payments

Can I Sell My Settlement Payments

Certain life events often occur unexpectedly. These include car breakdown, medical expenses, paying for a divorce, and many more. When they occur, they often require large expenditures and needs to be addressed immediately. Selling part or all of your settlement payment will offer you the flexibility to adapt to these unforeseen circumstances. Anytime you want to sell your annuity payment, We Pay More Funding is the ideal company to work with.

We are a trusted company recognized to help annuity owners sell their annuity through a stress-free process. Whether you are looking to buy a house, pay off debt, or buy a car, we will help you earn the cash you need immediately to get the project done.

Can I Sell My Structured Settlement For Lump Sum Cash?

Structured payment has emerged as the most popular form of compensation for personal injury victims. Instead of a lump-sum, a structured settlement provides a steady stream of income through annuities owned by insurance companies.

Structural payment has some advantages. Even when it earns interest, structured settlement revenue is exempted from all income taxes. While it is generally considered as the most efficient and equitable way to compensate for personal injury and similar incidences, there are times they don't work out too well for some victims. Some victims may need a lump sum for personal reasons. Selling their structured payment may become an option.

For individuals that want to sell their structured payment, the market is available. You will have legal options to sell your structured payment and use the lump sum of cash for whatever emergency you have. It is important, however, that you do it the right way.

How Do I Sell My Annuity Payments?

From the point structured settlements became popular, a secondary annuity market emerged. The market was unregulated in the beginning and many companies took advantage of buyers. With time, laws were promulgated to ensure that transactions in the secondary market were conducted equitably. At the moment, the market has been sanitized to a great extent by federal and state laws. This does not mean that there are no dishonest players in the industry. It is important, therefore, that you take time to find genuine annuity buyers when you want to sell your annuity or structured settlement.

It is possible to sell your annuity in different ways. Most reputable factoring companies offer you options to sell some of your payments, a portion of every payment, or your entire structured settlement. It is also possible to sell survivor benefits, as long as there is a guaranteed number of payments written into the settlement.

To sell your annuity payment, you will start by determining if you are eligible to sell the annuity. This will normally depend on the stipulations of the settlement and your state laws. The next step is to contact a reputable annuity buyout company to determine what your payment is worth and start the process without delay.

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Can I Sell My Settlement Payments
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