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Cash For Life Annuity

Cash For Life Annuity

Can I Turn My Cash For Life Annuity into a Lump Sum?

You can sell your Cash For Life Annuity to a buyout company, but you can't change your mind after accepting the cash for life. It's important when considering which option will be best to meet your lifetime financial needs that you consult with a financial expert before agreeing to one or the other, however, if you choose weekly or daily payments and experience a change in your financial needs, you can always sell your annuity at a later time. WePayMore Funding buys Cash For Life daily and weekly annuities, paying out as much as 20% more than other companies.

When is a Lump Sum Better Than Payments?

Many lottery winners are coerced into taking the annuity payments because they add up to more value over time. What they fail to take into account is that they can do much more with a larger amount of money. Rather than having to save up many weeks or months worth of payments to fund their dreams or pay for things they need, selling can mean an immediate windfall that significantly improves the cash flow in their home. Speak with our payment experts from WePayMore Funding when thinking about turning your Cash For Life annuity into a lump sum that you can use for any reason.

What if I Regret Taking the Cash For Life Annuity?

If you've received your first weekly or daily payout, it's too late to change the way you receive your lottery winnings. Even though you can't change the way the lottery pays out, you can still change your mind and sell the annuity to a buyout company, like WePayMore funding. We are rated a top annuity buyer for numerous reasons- most often regarded as a reputable buyer because of our Best Price Guarantee and our commitment to reaching a win-win agreement with our clients. We won't take advantage of your situation, instead, we'll look for a mutually-beneficial way to purchase your Cash for Life annuity.

Is it Better to Sell or Keep My Cash For Life Annuity?

The choice of whether to sell or hang on to your Cash For Life annuity will depend entirely on your individual financial needs and desires. For some winners, knowing they are financially secure for at least the next 20 years can be a comforting thought, while for others, the payments are not large enough to fund their bigger dreams. If you have larger-than-life intentions for your lottery winnings, you could sell your annuity to the highest bidder by collecting quotes from buyout companies. WePayMore Funding guarantees the highest payout amount of any agency- and we back up our promise with a Best Price Guarantee.

Reach out to an agent from our company if you have questions about selling your annuity, are interested in the best offer obtainable, or simply want to explore your options in selling your Cash for Life annuity. There's no cost or obligation for calling us.


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