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Companies That Buy Structured Settlements

Companies That Buy Structured Settlements

Before you decide to sell your structured settlement or annuity, you need to take the time to evaluate the company. This means looking for the best companies that buy structured settlements, including learning more about their ratings, history, and the overall quality that they offer. The more that you educate yourself, the easier it will be for you to decide what is best for you. 

Who Buys Structured Settlements? 

If you have been thinking of selling your structured settlement payments, you might find that a factoring company will be interested in buying for a lump sum of money. An individual investor or factoring company will buy structured settlements from secondary markets, which is very highly regulated due to all of the competition in the industry. Any seller should take all of the facts into consideration, including whatever they are offered for a quote along with the history they can find about the company before selecting a buyer. 

Finding A Structured Settlement Buyer 

You will find a great deal of information by searching the internet for structured settlement and annuity buyers. There are lots of elements to consider, and these are some of the things you should look for: 

  • Competitive offers
  • Helpful customer service representatives who are easy to contact
  • Proper licensing
  • Follows appropriate regulations
  • Offers options for immediate cash advances
  • Familiarity with state laws
  • Proven customer service track record
  • Full disclosure of all contact information
  • Clear timelines for receipt of money
  • Low denial rates
  • Financial health and stability, including a large number of purchases of structured settlements 

It is essential that you never feel confused or rushed when you are trying to find the best companies that buy structured settlements. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you should look for another company to work with. For many people, hiring a broker will be the best way to navigate the process. You can look at a broker as being similar to the role of a realtor for selling your home.

Structured Settlement Quotes

An important part of picking out a buyer for your structured settlement will be the amount that they offer you. Most companies will provide you with a free quote that you may even be able to receive over the phone. Buyers will evaluate some factors when putting together your quote. They will look at the amount of money in your annuity when your payments are due, the number of payments you would like to sell, current market rates, and the rating of the insurance company that you have for your annuity. 

When it comes to companies that buy structured settlements, you can count on We Pay More Funding to help you with every step in the process. It is important to us that we can help you get the optimum amount of money and to get it to you as fast as possible so that you have the cash you need. All you have to do is get in touch with us and provide us with some information so that we can get you a quote.


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