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Article provided by: Michael J. Borenstein, CPA

CPA San Fernando Valley

CPA San Fernando Valley

If you need to know that the accounting for your business is taken care of, then it is in your best interest to look for a qualified CPA in San Fernando Valley. The right certified public accountant will be able to offer you advice and help ensure everything is on track. However, many people tend to make a few mistakes when looking for a SFV CPA. Tthe more that you learn about what to look for, the better the result.

Understand Your Needs 

In order to get the best CPA firm in San Fernando Valley, you need to go with an office that will understand your personal needs. There are many things that can go wrong if you select the wrong team that doesn’t understand your business overall. It is often better to ask them to walk you through their process while also stating your expectations very clearly. 

Qualifications Are Important 

There is a lot more to a San Fernando Valley CPA than simply having a person there to crunch numbers. You need a team that has an understanding of even the toughest financial concepts as well as tax code. This firm should also be part of the SFV CPA Board to give you added peace of mind. 

These are just five of the many reasons why you should look to Michael J. Borenstein when you need a dependable certified public accountant in the San Fernando Valley area:

  1. Tax Management and Tax Audits – If you are having issues with tax management or you are worried that you are not ready for an audit from the IRS, then Michael J. Borenstein is here to help. You will get a full review of your needs, followed by proven strategies so that you can meet or even exceed all of your financial goals.
  2. Professional Accounting – Having someone that you can trust there to assist with your accounting then helps you by freeing up your time. This time-savings then allows you to refocus on your business.
  3. Smart Litigation Support – Do you need forensic accounting services, or are you dealing with a marital dissolution or bankruptcy? Michael J. Borenstein is your answer in a qualified CPA in San Fernando Valley, ready to give you the litigation support you are looking for.
  4. Professional Business Consulting – From analysis to financial consulting, we can take care of all of your business needs. Our M&A consulting is second to none in the area.
  5. Over 50 Years of Experience – There is a lot to be said about having decades of valuable experience in the public accounting field. Hiring our firm for your trusted CPA in SFV will ensure your financial needs are covered.

If you know the time is near to hire a trustworthy, highly-acclaimed CPA in San Fernando Valley, contact Michael J. Borenstein, CPA Certified Public Accountants for a free consultation at (818) 986-9143. We would love to book a convenient time to speak with you and go over your needs and financial goals. Our team is available to answer any of your questions and address all concerns you may have regarding our services.

CPA San Fernando Valley
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