Dallas Structured Settlement Cash

Dallas Structured Settlement Cash

Dallas structured settlement cash

A structured settlement is a steady stream of payments awarded to the plaintiff in a lawsuit. The defendant is responsible for paying the settlement following the structure stipulated by the court. A structured settlement guarantees a stream of income over a number of years or sometimes for a lifetime. However, emergency needs for huge funds that demand converting assets to cash can arise. In the event of such, a structured settlement could be a highly valuable asset. If you’re looking for the best Dallas structured settlement to cash converting company, you should look no further than We Pay More Funding.

Can I get money from my structured settlement?

If you were awarded a structured settlement from a personal injury lawsuit or any other settlement, you have the option of cashing out on your settlement. However, it’s essential to understand your rights and options so that you can get the best value for your money.

When you wish to convert Dallas structured settlement to cash, you contact a factoring company. The company buys your rights to the payments for an agreed period and pays you a lump sum in return. For example, the terms of your settlement annuity may state that the insurance company will pay you $100,000 over 10 years.

After 5 years of payments, you need quick cash, and you cannot wait till when your next payment will be due. A factoring company can offer to pay you $60,000 in cash, and in return, the company gets your next two payments. If the deal is sealed, the 6th and 7th payments go to the factoring company, and the payment reverts to you in the 8th year and onwards.

How does selling structured settlements work?

The process of converting Dallas structured settlements to cash is simple. Once you consider your options and you arrive at the decision to sell, you can contact factoring companies and request for a free quote. We Pay More Funding is a factoring company you can trust to give you the best value for your annuity payments. Below is a summary of the steps involved in coverings Dallas structured settlements to cash:

  • Contact a factoring company and get a free quote
  • Evaluate the offers on hand and compare your options
  • Make a decision and contact the company you choose to sell to
  • Go to court and have your case reviewed by a judge. If you are severely strapped for cash, you can get a cash advance to cover certain living expenses while you await a court date
  • Forward a copy of the approved order to the insurance company
  • Receive your payment from the factoring company

Convert your Dallas structured settlement to cash today

At We Pay More Funding, we specialize in providing diverse financial solutions to individuals and small businesses. Our reputation thrives on a solid foundation of trust, and we are known to put our clients’ best interests at heart consistently. Our experience in the business also ensures we can get the legal work done both quickly and correctly. Contact us today to convert your Dallas structured settlement to cash.   

Dallas Structured Settlement Cash
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Dallas Structured Settlement Cash
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