I have a structured settlement tx

I have a structured settlement tx

I have a structured settlement in TX; am I better off selling future payments or keeping my settlement intact? This is a question we hear every day at WePayMore Funding and one we are happy to answer for clients who are weighing their options to determine which one is right for their financial situations. If you own a structured settlement but are not satisfied with the amount from monthly payments you receive, we can assess your needs and help you choose the best solution. Rest easy knowing that we have your best interest as our focus- not our own bottom line. Call or chat live with one of our agents right now.

How Can I Get the Most From My Structured Settlement?

There’s no question that holding on to your settlement and allowing monthly payments to come in will result in the highest payout. Still, there are many instances when a settlement owner may want to convert those smaller payments into one sizable lump sum of money. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of selling your settlement, reach out to an agent from WePayMore Funding to talk over your financial needs. We can buy just a part of your settlement to provide the funds you need while leaving the rest of your payments intact. Call us for free financial advice- there’s no cost or obligation to your call.

Why Should I Sell My Settlement Payments?

There are many different reasons why clients decide to sell their structured settlements. Some of the most common calls we receive at WePayMore Funding include the following:

  • I have a structured settlement in TX but the payments are not large enough to do anything with
  • I’d rather have one lump sum of cash instead of monthly payments
  • I need money immediately to prevent foreclosure on my home
  • I want to take my wife on her dream vacation but monthly payments aren’t enough
  • I’m interested in selling my structured settlement to pay for my grandchildren’s college tuition

The list of reasons for selling goes on and on. Whatever your personal goals for converting your settlement into cash, you have our promise at WePayMore Funding that we’ll beat any competing offer- and it’s more than just our promise, it’s our company’s Best Price Guarantee. If you have questions, call or chat live with an agent; we can provide you with a free quote to let you know how much your settlement is worth.

I Have a Structured Settlement in TX- How Do I Sell?

The process of selling your structured settlement is easy and we can get your money to you faster than other buyers. See our FAQ page for more information about the benefits of selling, our company’s no-hidden-fees policy, and info about tax penalties from accepting a buyout offer. If you own a settlement that pays out over time, your future payments already belong to you, and you can legally sell them to WePayMore Funding for cash.

I have a structured settlement tx
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I have a structured settlement tx
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