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List Of Structured Settlement Companies

List Of Structured Settlement Companies

List of Structured Settlement Companies

If you are looking for any legal assistance regarding settlements for medical concerns, annuity payments, and expenses, and lottery investments, look no further because the We Pay More Funding Company is ready to help you with these matters.

Our company’s vision is to provide and create a new trend of opportunities that will equip our clients with proper skills and knowledge in overcoming financial difficulties as well as unforeseen obstacles through loyal services, a more focused and hands-on assistance, and reliable expert support team. We have established long term reputable trust from our loyal clients as we continuously ensure a higher quality of service solutions for any financial condition that each of our clients' faces. We also focus on monitoring and handling regular market pricing and its financial trend to make sure that our customers get higher payment outcomes.

Our Top Services and List of Structured Settlement Companies

When you say the structured type of settlement, it involves various situations that actually lead to lawsuit outcomes such as wrongful death incidents, personal type of injury, and medical malpractice. Hence, through this settlement approach, we can help you manage your payments and other situation based expenses by paying the amount little by little instead of one payment for the entire or total amount. This process will support you in resolving your financial crisis without pressure.

There at least five independent factors are considered in order to decide the type of settlement to be applied by the insurance company. These are age, latest financial status or situation, any medical billings, guaranteed or life contingent type of payment, and any possible or arising future costs. Upon review and assessment, the company can now analyze the date or span of time the client‘s payments become either life-contingent or guaranteed. The only difference between these two types of payments is that guaranteed type can offer you a chance to have a beneficiary who could claim the payments once you passed away while the life contingency does not.

Once the entire procedure of structured settlement is established, that is the only time when the consultant will purchase certain annuity sourced from a specific insurance company. This type of pension will serve as a lifetime investment to be received by the plaintiff regardless of the fluctuation in the stock market. According to a statistical survey, most case settlements are resolved or reconciled through the issuance of structured settlements each year.

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If you want to know more details about our service solutions and the list of structured settlement companies, you can visit the We Pay More Funding official website at We would be glad to answer all your queries or requests by just registering at the online form provided in the site and we will surely address your concerns the soonest possible. You may also reach us through email at or to make sure you get the fastest possible response, you may reach us through phone at 1 877 431 0704. Our very responsive customer service team can easily address your questions and guide all the way in employing our service.


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List Of Structured Settlement Companies
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