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It is quite difficult to face cases that involve financial burden if you don’t have proper guidance from a real financial expert. That is why we, at We Pay More Funding Company, do not only commit at providing our customers with the exact fund that you need but also open up a new trend of opportunities that enable our clients to accurately attain successful payment systems.

The company’s main goal is to cater reliable expertise for financial support and guide clients with proper payment structures or procedures at a very reasonable price without compromising the quality of service that we provide.

Purchase Annuity Service

We have three major services that we expertly offer. These are structured settlements which usually involve cases like unlawful death, individual injuries, or malpractice of the medical profession; annuity service payments which focus on off-court settlements unlike the structured type of approach; and the lottery winning system which involves lump sum awards and other payment options based on the preference of the individual winner commonly agreed through investments.

Specifically, the annuity type of service is somewhat similar to but uses a very different approach to structured settlements due to variations of state and federal considerations. This grant is actually offered mostly by insurance companies or insurance corporations. This is why any lottery winning can also be considered as an annuity if the winner decided to put the prize in an investment. Through this, he can actually gain extra profit from it aside from the original amount of cash. If in case, the client decided to sell his own annuity, purchase annuity or investment, he needs to follow proper legal measures or guidelines since this procedure is a little bit tricky and complex that should not be taken with limited knowledge or without appropriate lawsuit assistance.

Professional support can be very helpful for you to attain successful selling. Hence, our company is offering this specific service using simple and accurate procedures. Since we are partnered with reputable investment and funding firms, you can make sure that your investment can be sold to a rightful and legal client and your payment is securely delivered to you. Aside from that, we also offer a detailed review of your sales documents and other legal requirements to be done by our notary expert. You will receive regular updates from the start of each transaction until the payment is successfully transferred to your account.

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To know more about our offer and the procedures for each service that we cater, you may visit the official website of We Pay More Funding at and fill out the online form found at our page to send us a message or questions. Also, if you have questions or queries about how these services work, you may send us a message through email at or you may also reach us by phone at 1 877 431 0704. We also welcome walk-in clients in our main office located at 16 NE 4th Street, Suite 210 Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301.


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