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Sell My Annuity

Sell My Annuity

At We Pay More Funding, we get calls from people every day saying, "Help me sell my annuity!" We tell them, "You're in the right place!" There are many reasons why people need or want to sell their annuity payments. For example, some people might inherit an annuity and would rather have a lump sum of cash instead of monthly payments. Others might experience unexpected life changes that require additional cash now, not future payments. Some individuals might need to change their investment or estate planning strategy, and many people realize that their original reason to buy an annuity no longer applies.

If you are facing any of these problems or others, We Pay More Funding can assist you in getting cash for your annuity payment within no more than 30 days. With the money you get from your annuity payment, you can pay off your debt, pay for school, start a new business, buy a home, or anything else that your heart desires.  With the proper paperwork, you can get a free, no obligation quote from us in just a few minutes online, or give us a call for a no-obligation quote from one of our representatives.

How Long Until You Get Your Money?

As stated, assuming you file your application with us within a week after reading this thread, transactions can generally be funded within two to three weeks after you get a completed contract with our firm. Therefore, we safely say 30 days from now or less. The time frame might vary from person-to-person because every circumstance is unique. At We Pay More Funding, we understand how important your money is to you, and we work very hard to get the cash you want for your annuity payments as soon as possible.

We Will Help You to Make an Informed Decision You Will Not Regret

When you contact us for a free, no-obligation quote, we will go over all of your options with you so that you can make the best-informed decision given your circumstances, fully aware of the pros and cons of any transaction you make. Once you choose how you'll sell your future annuity payments, we'll start the paperwork right away and send it to your insurance company who manages your account. We'll need a signed copy of your annuity agreement and a signed contract where you authorize us to complete the sale. We'll send the documents to your insurance company for them to review and make their required changes to your policy.

Contact We Pay More Funding

Once we get the approval from the company that issued the annuity and complete the underwriting process, you get your money, and we can deposit the cash directly into your account electronically or cut you a check. We also have other payment options. Just be sure to specify your desired payment method at the outset. If you search online for 'sell my annuity,' be sure to consider We Pay More Funding. We are an experienced firm that helps people like you sell their annuities.


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Sell My Annuity
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