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Sell My Settlement Payments

Sell My Settlement Payments

How Can I Sell My Settlement Payments?

While the process of selling your structured settlement payments is one that is straightforward and simple, it's important that you choose the right buyer to obtain the most value from your settlement. Selecting a reputable buyer means performing research and collecting comparative offers and quotes for the purchase of your settlement. Make sure WePayMore Funding is one of the buyers you request a quote from- we guarantee a higher payout by as much as 20% higher than any other agency.

Is it Legal to Sell My Settlement Payments?

It's perfectly legal to seek a buyer for your settlement and sell the payments to another party. Be sure you go through legal means to ensure the complete transferral from your name to theirs. If you find that your settlement payments are not large enough to provide real value, you may determine that a lump sum of money would better meet your needs. It may be possible to take a loan on your settlement before the payments have been released to you. In either case, legality is not an issue. What is important is that you make the right decision for your personal financial needs.

How Can I Get the Most Value From Selling My Settlement?

Don't take the first offer brought to the table- instead, inquire of 6-10 buyout agencies asking for quotes and compare the quotes once they have all come in. Look for hidden fees and additional costs that may negatively affect the payout and ask a lot of questions along the way. At WePayMore Funding, we offer our Best Price Guarantee along with our quote for buying your settlement payments. You won't receive a better quote from any other buyer- it's expressly detailed in our guarantee.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Selling My Settlement?

Depending on your circumstances, the main disadvantage to selling will most like be the loss of some of your settlement's value while the main benefit will be the exchange of smaller payments for one large lump sum of money. Your situation will look different from all others, so it's crucial that you sit down with a reputable settlement buyer before you agree to sell. At WePayMore Funding, we are committed to a mutually beneficial arrangement that ensures you will walk away from the table with more money in your pocket because of choosing us as your buyer.

Am I Obligated to Sell My Settlement payments After a Consultation?

By no means- your settlement belongs to you until you sign your name on the dotted line taking a lump sum in exchange for your payments. Our team of settlement specialists wants you to sell to us only if it makes financial sense to do so. We'll help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of taking a buyout offer and ensure that through your dealing with us you'll get a higher payout in a shorter amount of time.


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