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Sell My Structured Settlement

Sell My Structured Settlement

"Can I sell my structured settlement to you guys?" Yes, you can. We Pay More Funding is a reputed company that purchases partial and entire annuities and structured settlements from people opting for a large lump sum cash payout over their long-term settlement payments. Whatever kind of settlement you are receiving, you have the option to sell it, and We Pay More Funding buys them all with a Best Price Guarantee.

What Kind of Structured Settlements Do We Buy?

We get this question a lot at We Pay More Funding. We buy all kinds of structured settlements. Some of the most common types of settlements we purchase include the following:

  • Index-linked structured settlements
  • Treasury funded structured settlements
  • Variable income payout structures
  • Structured settlement derivatives
  • Worker's Comp structured settlements
  • Personal injury and wrongful death settlements
  • Structured settlement lottery winnings

We buy other structured settlements as well of all size and scope. To inquire about your structured settlement, the best thing to do is to give We Pay More Funding a call.

Watch Out for Unscrupulous Buyers

A person searching for 'Sell My Structured Settlements' online might be both surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of information they find. Before you choose to sell your structured settlements, buyer beware! While the impulse or need to sell quickly may be pressing, there are a lot of unethical settlement-purchasing companies out there who are too eager to take advantage of the vulnerable and the unwitting.

At We Pay More Funding, we cut through all the weeds and make the entire structured settlement purchasing process as easy on our clients as possible. All our clients have to do is start the application, submit it, and sign some papers. We do the rest for them. Of course, you should always closely examine any documents that you sign, but We Pay More Funding does not take advantage of our clients with fine print and other hidden charges or obscure information.

The difference between We Pay More Funding and the rest of them is that we do honest business. We don't take advantage of unknowing or unsuspecting people. Instead, we help them.

Make Sure this is What You Want

We Pay More Funding encourages anyone who is thinking 'I want to sell my structured settlement' to carefully think it over, speak with a financial advisor, receive and compare multiple structured settlement quotes, and take the time to make the right decision. We get most of our business from our good reputation, so we don't have to pressure, coerce, and manipulate people to sell their structured settlements as many companies do.

Aside from watching out for bad actors, making a decision to sell a structured settlement on impulse, and making sure you sell your settlement to the right company, you also want to make sure that this is a decision you will be happy with five years from now. Sometimes, the need for instant capital may stifle our ability to see things clearly. We can easily lose focus of our long-term goals and needs in the heat of the moment. Take your time, make sure that you really want to sell your annuity. If you do search online for 'Sell My Structured Settlement,' make sure you choose We Pay More Funding.


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