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Sell My Structured Settlement Payments

Sell My Structured Settlement Payments

Whether it is due to a lawsuit from wrongful termination or an injury from an on-the-job accident, your structured settlement cash payments can be for a few months, years, or even a lifetime, depending on the terms of the agreement. There are several reasons why you may want to sell part of your structured settlement or cash in the whole amount in a massive lump sum. We Pay More Funding wants you to have a stress-free experience when selling your structured settlement payments, so here are a few steps that could make the process simple. 

Should I sell my structured settlement payments?

Chances are you’re already considering selling your structured settlement since you are already reading this page. Now is the time to decide if this is the best decision for you to sell some or part of your payment. Start by reading through your contact and sit down with your accountant or lawyer to review the details. Then ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Do you need the cash right now?
  • What type of payment works best for you?
  • Is this the best way you can raise the cash you need?
  • Will selling it jeopardize your financial security?

What type of structured settlement payments can I sell? 

Before you sell a structured settlement, you need to know the type of payments you can sell. Some payments are easier to sell than others. You can breakdown structured payment into two forms - guaranteed and life-contingent payment. Both are awarded for either worker’s compensation, wrongful death, or personal injury.

Life-contingent settlement payment end at the time of your passing, and your beneficiary will not be able to sell the settlement due to the original agreement terms while guaranteed payment structured payment is paid over a fixed timeframe, and your beneficiary can sell the settlement. The type of settlement you have is essential, but the cause of your settlement is more critical when it comes to cashing in for a lump sum.

Can I sell my structured settlement payment? 

It is the duty of the courts and judges to meet your best interest when selling your payment rights. They can refute a settlement payment based on several grounds. For instance, the court can deny you the right to sell your structured payment due to your age and mental health. For example, minors are unable to sell their payment. Courts are usually protective of minor’s settlement, and the same principle applies to elders due to their mental capacity.

Shop for the best price

When you are in a financial mess, you may be in a hurry to take the first offer you get for your structured settlement payment. Although you may be worried, it is best to get quotes from reputable structured settlement companies like We Pay More Funding that can help you sell your payment. We can help you find a more appealing company with a good reputation and strong financial strength. 

Trust the professionals

With a team with several years of experience, there is no better company to trust than We Pay More Funding to help you sell your structured settlements. It is our duty to make every step of the process as hassle-free as possible, and we are here to answer all of your concerns and questions.

Sell My Structured Settlement Payments
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