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Sell Structured Settlement Annuity

Sell Structured Settlement Annuity

Can I sell my structured settlement annuity? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions we hear at We Pay More Funding. We can answer all of your questions about selling an annuity when you reach out to one of our agents by phone. While it’s both legal and ethical to sell your annuity payments to an agency like ours, the bigger issue is how to choose the right company. If you’ve been considering a cash buyout for your annuity, we’ll pay more than any other annuity buyer- guaranteed.

We’re Not Like Other Buyers

While we may appear like all the rest on the surface, you have only to explore our website’s resources to see what separates us from other buyers. Top on the list is our Best Price Guarantee that is our exclusive promise to you, our client, that you’ll leave the table with more cash in your pocket compared with another offer. We don’t just pay a token gratuity for doing business with us- our clients generally take home 20% more when they partner with us.

Advance or Buyout?

It certainly is a big decision whether or not to continue taking monthly or quarterly payments or selling off your annuity for a lump sum. Since each of our client’s situations are a bit different from one another, we like to spend some time answering your questions, providing professional advice, and helping you determine the best course of action for your financial needs. It may be more beneficial to sell off a portion of your settlement to pay off credit card debt or fund a dream vacation- or you might find that a one-time cash buyout better suits your needs.

Can I Sell My Structured Settlement Annuity If It Doesn’t Meet My Needs?

Before we consider our interest in buying your settlement, we place your needs first. We’ve built our reputation on the solid foundation of client-focused interest that ensures our advice and recommendations consider your short-term and long-term financial needs. Our agents will help you assess the pros and cons of taking a payout rather than continuing to receive payments from your structured settlement; if your payments are not big enough to improve your quality of life, we’ll make an offer to purchase your settlement- it’s that easy.

Selling After Receiving Payments

Clients call us nearly every week asking: can I sell my structured settlement annuity if I’ve already accepted some payments? Of course, you can sell, even after receiving months or years of payments on your settlement. We offer cash payouts for the remaining value of your settlement, so it makes no difference if you’ve already spent or taken some of the value from your settlement. The real issue is how much value is left in your settlement, how much of that value you want to access, and how fast you want to receive your money. Rest assured, we guarantee to pay the highest of any structured settlement buyers.


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Sell Structured Settlement Annuity
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