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Sell Your Annuities

Sell Your Annuities

Many people will often look at the idea of selling their annuity payments for a variety of reasons. For example, you may want to sell your annuities if you have been involved in a lawsuit of some kind and you have bills that you need to pay. You may also want to invest in education or have extra funds so that you can buy a car or a house. Selling an annuity is also a good option if you need to have a more considerable lump sum of cash for significant expenses. 

What Are Annuities? 

Annuities are essentially a contract that insurance companies or another group will agree on for making payments to someone for a specified time period. Quite often, people receiving such payments will be an injured party named in a lawsuit. You can choose to settle your case with an annuity to save the defendant a great deal of money over a cash settlement due to the time value of money concept. 

An annuity is designed to give someone income over a long-term period that will usually span years. You will find a variety of annuity types, including lottery winnings. Because these contracts pay over a period of time, it will not always be the best option for the person receiving it. There will be some instances where they find a situation where having a more substantial sum of money all at once will be better than having to wait for all of the payments to come throughout the years. 

Have you been injured somehow due to the negligence of another? If so, and you got an annuity as a settlement, you could find yourself needing to pay for various expenses. The settlements coming from lawsuits can take several months or even years to be finalized, so you could have lots of bills that are starting to pile up. With these types of expenses looming over you, it might be best to look into your options so that you can sell your annuities to get back on track and make sure your life goes back to normal.

While not all annuities are going to qualify to be sold, many of them do. The primary type that can be sold are the structured settlement annuities. This type of a sale will allow you to use the lump sum of funds for whatever you like, including the down payment on a new home, the purchase of a vehicle, and anything else that you might have for major expenses. 

Knowing and understanding whether or not your annuity is going to qualify for sale will depend significantly on a range of factors. The best way that you can be sure is to contact us at We Pay More Funding when you want to sell your annuities to get the cash that you need now. We have trained, professional representatives who are happy to go over the details with you so that you can learn all about the pros and cons involved in your unique annuity situation. Our goal is to get you the money that you need from your annuity, fast.


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