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Structured Settlement Annuity Companies

Structured Settlement Annuity Companies

Structured Settlement Annuity Companies

One of the most common legalities that all of us tend to constantly deal with is the use and proper utilization of our financial resources. Yet, there are a lot of different ways how a person can acquire such resources given different situations.

There are those who have investments, insurance, salary and other types of income while there are lump sum amounts that are only won over in different scenarios such as lottery winnings, settlements, and other annuities. Alongside these, there are structured settlement annuity companies that deal with it. Perhaps, let’s take a look at the difference between settlements and annuities.  

Structured Settlements vs. Annuities

A structured settlement is one that is arranged and agreed upon over by two parties. Most of the time, the two parties consists of the offender and the victim wherein a settlement, the offender agrees to compensate through monetary means that trouble caused to the victim. With structured settlement annuity companies, the money is not provided for by the offender in a lump sum but that the payment, thus settlement, will be provided for in the form of periodic payments of which the schedules will also be agreed upon by both parties.

Annuities, on the other hand, come in the form of investments. It allows the owner to actually have a return on the cash being partially invested and can have multiple beneficiaries aside from the owner. Usually, annuities are those type of products that can be availed off from investment companies and insurance firms that concentrate on providing legal ways of growing monetary funds through passive means.

The Importance of having people to trust your resources with

There are different laws and applications in handling structured settlements and annuities even for companies. Different states may mean different regulations which are why you’re going to need a team or a person who can help you cope and understand all the legalities in these type of things.

The way you handle your resources within your name is different from the way you can handle these type of things when you’re off to selling it and transferring such funds to another person’s name. The process is often times complex enough and well, a long one at that. This is why hiring professionals consultants can help you effectively sell your annuity and have the best deal you can get with it.

Companies like ourselves at We Pay More Funding is comprised of team members or what we call as brokers to help people sell their annuities. Brokers are those who have extensive and wide knowledge in terms of going around and about the law.

We help our customers in this long line of the process in selling their annuities the stress-free way. Our company targets our processes to be thorough but at the same time not too delaying in the sense that the sale becomes too late for the customer.  

All you’ll be needing to do in the entire process is to fill out forms that shall state your personal information and leave the rest up to our team. Further, We Pay More Funding will take care of the offers and the bids and let you decide on which opportunity you’d like to take.


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