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Structured Settlement Cash

Structured Settlement Cash

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We are your reliable agency, here for providing you and only you with solutions to your financial predicament.
Our teams of experienced consultants put your needs first as a client. We can only boast on that which we have already accomplished. We have helped numerous customers sell their annuities and structured settlements in exchange for a straight up lump sum of cash to befit their financial predicament. With our combined years of experience and professional individuals who are dedicated to customer service, we have built for ourselves a reputable name over the years.

Structured Settlement

What is a structured settlement?
A Structured Settlement is one of the possible outcomes of a lawsuit that arises from a number of different situations. The most common types of suits that result in a structured settlement are personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice.

Cash now

What is cash now?
Cash now refers to receiving your lump sum of money now. That’s right it's quite self-explanatory. If you are looking to do so, you can reach out to one of our agents at We Pay More Funding. However, if you are unable to access your settlement money, then we will purchase your structured settlement payment plan and give you a lump sum payment that will be transferred to your bank or to your home in the form a check.

What if you have a structured settlement that you have obtained from a personal injury or other lawsuits. Well, you are optioned with cashing out the settlement, but cashing out a settlement annuity is not that simple or can be said to be the wisest choice. That is why the better choice would be to sell some of your future payments now in exchange for immediate cash.

Cashing out
When you cash out a settlement you sell all or part of your future settlement payments. The companies that buy the rights to your settlement payments are called factoring companies.

When do you receive the money?
When put on presentation this process can seem quick and easy, but in almost every state you need approval from a federal judge to sell your future payments to a factoring company. This is so that the cash out favors your best interest and that is why the process will take some time, maybe a month or so, maybe more.

Will you receive a go-ahead from the court?
This all depends on the stipulations of the settlement and reasons for you wanting to cash out.

How much can you cash out?
The cash-out amount is influenced by many factors, among which are the following:
The state you live in
Cash outsize
Reason for wanting the money
Future financial needs

The difference between the selling amount and the receiving amount
Now here at We Pay More Funding, we are able to see you through all the above-mentioned steps and details if you are looking to sell your settlement. However, we feel that it is our duty as a financial agency, who delivers the best service and consultancy to their clients, to advise to look at other resources first, before cashing in your settlement or part thereof.


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Structured Settlement Cash
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