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Structured Settlement Quotes

Structured Settlement Quotes

How Do I Collect Structured Settlement Quotes to Compare?

It's a fairly straightforward process to request buyout quotes from structured settlement purchasing agencies- simply email 5-10 companies with the details of your settlement, and you should start receiving quotes through email within a day or two. You'll find that quotes for buying your settlement can vary significantly, and may include undisclosed fees that will reduce the amount of payout for your settlement. In your search for the right agency to work with, keep WePayMore Funding in mind for the most money given for structured settlements.

Can the Terms of My Settlement Be Changed?

At the time of the initial agreement when all terms were finalized, an annuity was purchased to pay out the amount agreed upon by both you and the other party involved in the settlement. While those terms cannot be changed, it's possible to sell your annuity to a third party who can offer you a lump sum of money in exchange for your settlement. If your settlement payments are no longer practical or not large enough to improve your quality of life, consider selling to WePayMore Funding.

Am I Stuck With Payments Forever?

Many people who own structured settlements find that their monthly payments provide little relief from cash flow problems that arise month after month. If you're in this type of situation, you may benefit more through the sale of your settlement. Comparing structured settlement quotes is an excellent way to determine how much cash value your annuity is worth. Take your highest quote to an agent from WePayMore Funding and we'll guarantee to pay as much as 20% more.

Can I Take a Loan on My Settlement?

While many buyout agencies will only purchase an entire settlement, there are still some companies that will offer to buy a portion of your settlement in order to help you get by financially for a short period. It's important to set up a consultation with each agency that has expressed interest in loaning money on your settlement to ensure you're offered enough money to pay bills and manage your financial affairs. If you're considering a partial or total sale, you'll want to collect 5-10 competing offers to get a good idea of what your annuity is worth.

How Do I Know if I'm Taking the Best Offer For My Settlement?

There's a simple way to ensure the highest payout for your structured settlement. After collecting a handful of structured settlement quotes, bring them to WePayMore Funding during your free consultation. Our Best Price Guarantee is our promise to offer a higher buyout than even your best quote received by another agency. We typically pay our clients as much as 20% more for annuities and structured settlement payments- which can add up to thousands of dollars of cash in your pocket. Why take less than what your settlement is worth when we'll pay you more and get your payment to you faster?


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