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Top Rated Annuity Buyout Companies

Top Rated Annuity Buyout Companies

Selling your annuity involves a lot of stress and legal paperwork. To ensure that the process runs smoothly without shortchanging you, it is essential that you work with reliable, top rated annuity buyout companies. Whenever you decide to turn your annuity payment into lump sum cash, We Pay More Funding is the ideal company to turn to.

At We Pay More Funding, we are dedicated to providing quality and excellent services. We have the experience to get all the legal paperwork done right and quickly. Our experts will work hard to ensure that you get more money for your annuity. Above all, we will ensure that you get the cash you need immediately. No matter the competitor pricing, we can beat it.

What Is An Annuity Buyout?

An annuity buyout is a strategy that involves a pension plan shifting its obligation to an insurance company. Obligation in the definition primary refers to what the pension plan has promised to pay the participants. This strategy transfers all the risks for a group of members from the plan sponsor's balance sheet to the balance sheet of the insurance company. When an annuity buyout is effected, the insurance company provides for the participants affected by the buyout.

Annuity buyout offers some notable benefits for the sponsors. It is called de-risking because sponsors can relieve the risk of having to fund the obligations in the plan. They will be able to create smaller and more manageable plans afterwards. Other benefits of annuity buyouts for sponsors include:

  • Benefit security
  • Investment risk reduction
  • Longevity risk protection
  • Potential for superior yields
  • Reduced administration
  • Reduced pension volatility.

Can An Annuity Be Sold?

Yes, annuity payments can be sold for cash if the owner decides. This is an option that you may want to consider when your financial needs change and the annuity is not going to be able to meet up with your needs. Selling an annuity means forfeiting future periodic payments for a readily available lump of cash that can be used to address immediate needs or invest in a venture.

You also have options when it comes to selling an annuity. You can decide to sell only a portion of your annuity, allowing you to have access to a large sum of cash upfront and periodic payments later.

There are restrictions when it comes to selling an annuity. The transaction will be conducted in the annuity secondary market which is regulated by federal and state laws. The stipulation in your annuity will also influence the process of selling. It is recommended that you sell only to a reputable annuity company.

How Much Can You Make Selling Annuities?

Selling annuities can be lucrative. A reasonable sum can be realized from selling a single valuable annuity as commissions can be as much as 7%. Commissions can be received upfront or as residual income, depending on the agreement reached when the process was started.

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