Tx Structured Settlement Cash

Tx Structured Settlement Cash

"I have a structured settlement. How do I get cash for it in Texas?" At We Pay More Funding, we have been getting asked this same question almost every day for the past 30+ years! Of all the structured settlement companies in TX, none of them have the knowledge of the structured settlement purchasing process that We Pay More Funding does. At We Pay More Funding, we buy structured settlements for lump sums, giving our clients the TX structured settlement cash they need when they need it. As our name suggests, We Pay More Funding pays more. Just show us your quote, and we'll beat it!

Selling a Structured Settlement in 2020

When it's time to sell annuity payments, it's important to choose the right structured settlement company. The fact is; selling a structured settlement can take a long time if the buyer doesn't know what they are doing or if they don't have the extensive background in purchasing structured settlement annuities that We Pay More Funding does. Because of our background and expertise in selling structured settlements, We Pay More Funding is able to speed up the process as much as possible.

When selling a structured settlement in 2020, keep in mind that your annuity is protected by the Structured Settlement Protection Act, which protects owners of structured settlements from predatory purchasing companies. To protect people from being swindled and robbed of their structured settlements, a purchaser must gain permission from the courts to purchase a structured settlement. This process can be sped up to 30 days or less if you choose a company like We Pay More Funding that knows what it is doing. In addition to receiving the most money possible for your structured settlement payments, making sure the purchasing process is smooth is also important.

How to Sell Structured Settlements for Cash

If you would like to sell your structured settlement for a lump sum of cash, no other company makes it as easy or as painless as We Pay More Funding does! First, give us a call or fill out the form right here on our website. Tell us how much your structured settlement is and how much you would like to receive for it. We'll do some calculations and make you an offer. If you have existing quotes from other structured settlement purchasers, we will do our best to beat them. Our goal is to provide you with the TX structured settlement cash you need, while making a buck ourselves.

How Much Can I Get for My Structured Settlement?

As a structured settlement purchasing company, we never pay full price for structured settlements. After all, we are a for-profit company, so you can understand that we want to make a profit too. The amount of money that we pay will be based on the value of your current structured settlement and the length of the period in which your payments pay-out. We are able to pay more for higher-value structured settlements that pay-out over a short period.

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