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Who Pays The Most For Structured Settlement

Who Pays The Most For Structured Settlement

A person who has decided to sell their structured settlement payments is naturally going to ask the question, "Who pays the most for structured settlements?" As our company name implies, We Pay More Funding pays the most. Are we just saying that to hook you in? No. You may look us up online and check out our reviews. You will see that we routinely get our clients the most money for their structured settlements.

This isn't to say that you may not have gotten a lower quote somewhere else, but what makes We Pay More Funding such a great choice is that we have a Best Price Guarantee, which means that we'll beat any quote you get. Guaranteed.

Compare Multiple Offers

Whenever you decide that you need to sell a structured settlement payment for a lump sum of cash, it's okay to speak with several different structured settlement purchasing companies. In fact, as a rule of thumb, it's probably a good idea to avoid any company that discourages such a thing. It's also okay to be vocal about what you're looking to sell and how much money you want to get. There are a few things you should keep in mind when you are searching for 'who pays the most for structured settlements?.'

What You Should Know About Selling a Structured Settlement Payment

You will never get 100% of the value of your structured settlement when you sell it for a lump sum of cash. This applies to every purchaser of structured settlements. For example, if you had a structured settlement at a total value of $1 million, you would never get $1 million in a lump sum payout.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the dates of future structured settlement payments will be considered when determining the proper amount of your lump sum payout. The nearer your future payments are, the more money your structured settlement is worth. There are more things you should know as well, and you may read other threads on our website that go into more detail about this matter or contact us directly for more information.

Ask for Your Quote in Writing

Ask each company for a quote in writing because that's the only way we can honor our Best Price Guarantee promise. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to take peoples' words for it. With a written quote from each company you speak with, you'll be able to better compare your offers as well and get a sense of the market value for your structured settlement.

Another reason that you should ask for a written quote from prospective buyers is that you'll be able to read the disclosure statement. When you get the disclosure statement, review it carefully, and make sure that there are no additional costs, and make sure you look at what the net amount of what your payment will be. That's what you'll be walking away with.

We Pay the Most!

If you are wondering, "Who pays the most for structured settlement payments," the answer is clear. We Pay More Funding pays more!


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Who Pays The Most For Structured Settlement
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